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Accounting and Advisory Service Tailored to Your Restaurant


You’re a financially intelligent restaurant owner with insight into your current operations & financial position, and have foresight into the financial future of the company. You are:

No longer wasting time managing or trying to hire for a restaurant accounting service.

Relieved that the bookkeeping and accounting processes are being managed by professionals.

Clear on your current financial position, obligations, and availability of cash flow to keep your
restaurant afloat.

Confident in your vision of the restaurant’s financial future and your strategic plan for growth, improved profits, and steady cash flow.

No two restaurants are exactly alike, and your accounting needs are unique to your restaurant type, location, and situation. Maybe you constantly feel like you’re being pulled in every direction, and you need someone to help pick up some of the slack. Or you might have difficulty understanding your financial records and need advice to make sound business decisions and forecast into the future.

Our accounting packages are customized to your restaurant. When you work with us, we’ll start by digging deep into your financials. We evaluate what financial information you’re tracking well and identify areas of improvement. Together, we’ll discuss your overall business goals and identify what restaurant accounting and bookkeeping service will best help you reach a place of financial security and growth.

We value your trust and handle your financials with complete integrity and discretion. All of our restaurant accounting service packages are offered on a monthly subscription basis, which means you know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost. All of our subscriptions also come with a Service Guarantee. While we can’t guarantee outcomes, as those depend as much on you as it does us in a collaborative engagement, we can guarantee the quality of our service up front. If you think the quality of our service didn’t match what was agreed, let us know and tell us how you think that should be reflected in the price you pay.

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Tier 1 – Accounting

restaurant accounting service


Reduce costly errors and save time and money by outsourcing your bookkeeping. We’ll take over your QuickBooks, handling bill maintenance, payroll, and more. 


  • Monthly subscription price agreement
  • Service guarantee
  • The tech stack you need for your restaurant, managed for you
  • Real-time bookkeeping with insights to help you make the right decisions, right now
  • Sales and receipts processing via daily POS updates to QuickBooks Online
  • Vendor bills and expense processing (Accounts Payable)
    • Costs and expenses categorized to help you manage the margins you need to hit
    • Bill payment maintenance based on client approvals and cash management
  • Weekly cash flow snapshot reporting and maintenance
    • Keeps cash position top of mind, and enhances bill payment decision making
  • Bank account and credit card reconciliation maintenance weekly
  • Payroll processing and payroll tax filings
    • Or payroll transaction data input if outside payroll service
  • Monthly financial reports with video overview and Q&A call option
  • Live access to QuickBooks Online for reporting retrieval

Tier 2 – Accounting + Advisory

restaurant accounting service

Want to dig deeper into your business’s financial health and explore avenues for growth? We’ll help you identify your KPIs, create your forecast plan, and help you take control of your finances.


  • Everything in Tier 1
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) targeting, tracking, and analysis
    • Cost management analysis and planning
  • Scheduled financial performance review meetings
  • Strategic Financial Planning
    • Balance sheet and income statement forecasting
    • Cash flow and cash needs forecasting
    • “What-if” scenarios
    • Actual vs Plan monitoring
  • Monthly review of Actual vs Plan

We bring the financial expertise and back office support restaurants owners need to build the financially stable business they want. Our process empowers them to build the business of their dreams while supporting all those who depend on them – their families, team, customers, vendors, and even the community they live in.


Our process to working with you

Fill out a form so we get to know you & schedule a call to tell us your issues.

We will review and analyze your transactions and current accounting.

We will share what’s possible and our subscription services agreement. You pick a
service level that fits your current needs.

Get to work!

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