When you’re working hard to grow a small business, accounting functions like a map of where you are, where you’ve been, and most importantly, where you are capable of going. Every day, it is critical to have an accurate, error-free understanding of your company’s assets, liabilities/costs, income, and cash flow. And every year, it is critical to be correct in your taxes and/or reporting to avoid costly mistakes, penalties, or missed opportunities.


It is here, in the careful financial management of operations and assets that cash flow is generated.


Accounting software may appear to be an easy, inexpensive solution, but it has drawbacks that could make taking the shortcut far more expensive in the long run. The accounting software still needs an accounting expert to run it. Financial Optics has the expertise to perform your company’s accounting, give you advice, and provide the financial certainty and peace of mind you need to be successful. What’s more, by outsourcing your accounting, you avoid the necessity of paying a full-time accounting staff and all the associated expenses, from desk and computer to salary and vacation pay.


Outsourcing to a human accountant is better than software and cheaper than hiring.


The world is changing rapidly, and modern technology has made it possible for a small business like yours to get the benefits of customized financial management without personnel being physically in your office. But some things haven’t changed, and one of those is the need for a trained professional to be focused on your money.


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Why Is Good Accounting Important to a Small Business?

Virtually every aspect of your business relies on the numbers, such as guaranteeing a regular payroll that ensures your ability to retain high-quality employees who, in turn, operate your business. Accounting covers everything from soft costs that can change wildly day to day, such as one-time purchases and fluctuating supplies, to hard costs that arrive like clockwork, such as rent and utility bills and permits. If any one of these aspects breaks down, it can impact your ability to provide products and/or services to your customers or cause an unexpected loss.


Profitability depends on reliable, efficient money management.


Perhaps the most important advantage of partnering with Financial Optics is the human element. This is not a fill-in-the-blanks software program generalized to fit any and all types of businesses. Our team of certified public accountants has decades of experience working one-on-one with owners of small businesses, and we personally design financial planning, monitoring, and oversight for your company. We have the insight to make corrections and suggestions far beyond what a program could. Think of it as the difference between your computer’s spellcheck and a professional editor: If a word is spelled correctly, your computer may not understand that it’s not the best choice or even has shaded meaning that changes the entire sentence.


It takes a human being to fully understand context, especially when it comes to the finances of your business.


Often, entrepreneurs find themselves wearing a lot of hats during the exciting years of building a company. But accounting is a specialized field that is so important to a business’s profitability – if not survival – that it deserves a trained professional’s full attention. More to the point, it requires judgment.

Our Personalized Accounting Goes Beyond Software

Good accounting utilizes state-of-the-art technology and systematic tools combined with a person’s understanding of your company’s specifics, which is precisely what Financial Optics provides you. This establishes redundancies and vastly reduces the possibility of errors, but it also allows for human interpretation of what the numbers mean.


Accounting is not just about crunching numbers. A calculator can do that. Your accounting team must understand your goals, your challenges, the economic landscape unique to your location and business sector, your staffing issues, and every other aspect of running your company.


Accounting should be a fully integrated pillar of your company that is specific to your business, guided by human judgment, and controlled by the boss. That’s you.


We offer all the benefits of that integration and security of personalized accounting at a much lower cost than hiring full-time personnel. We’re also easier to talk to than a computer is. You can pick up the phone and call your Financial Optics accountants any time you have a question or unforeseen event, just as if we were in an office down the hall. There’s no frustrating, infinite phone tree to navigate while trying to reach a real person, and you won’t get a randomly assigned technician at a huge corporation who has never seen your books before.


We’ll know you, we’ll know your business, we’ll know your goals, and we’ll know your accounting better than any software program ever could. We are financial cartographers, and we will help you design a map leading to profitability and growth.


The Financial Optics Advantage

If accounting is the map to your company’s future, it’s worth making sure it’s accurate and frees you up to keep your eye on the horizon.


It is important to keep your books balanced and current so you know where you are. But it’s also time-consuming, even with a pre-populated software program. We take that task off your plate, allowing you to focus on business. Our team of experienced accountants can handle your daily bookkeeping, bill-pay management, invoicing and receipts, reconciliations, and year-end reporting to cash-flow management. We can provide you with full, comprehensive accounting services.


The Upsides of Accounting Software

It’s indisputable that accounting software has advantages. What’s more, it has come a long way in recent years towards more customization and adaptability to serve different types and sizes of businesses. Modern accounting software is designed for the non-accountant, so it’s simple, largely reliable, and it’s hands-down the cheapest way to do your accounting. But the accounting software does not know how to customize itself to provide you the key numbers you need to improve the financial health of your business.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably not an accountant. What you are is the most qualified expert at envisioning and guiding your company. And it’s tempting to think of accounting as a simple task with “red” numbers or “black” numbers. Are you making a profit or not?


But keep in mind that accounting is about running your business, and a software program does not provide thoughts, opinions, or insight based on real-world experience with similar companies. Not having a trained person deeply involved in your finances can lead to missed opportunities for efficiencies, improvements, and growth.


Even if you operate the same category of business as one a few blocks away or one with a thousand franchises throughout the country, your company is unique in its own ways. It’s yours and yours alone. We offer you the personal understanding of your uniqueness. And that understanding may be the very thing you need to make informed business decisions that take your company to the next level.


Ready? Set? Go!

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