Get the insights into your RESTAURANT business you’ve always wanted

Have the right dials to turn, and know when you need to turn them

We Exclusively Serve The Restaurant Industry

  • Independently owned restaurants
  • Fine dining
  • Contemporary casual
  • Casual dining
  • Upscale cafes
  • Bar and grills
  • Full-service food menus
  • Single or multiple locations

Every time we meet with a new restaurant owner, we rediscover (together) the power of having the right information at your fingertips. Too many restaurants are trying to grow with an anvil tied around their legs because they don’t know how to spot financial problems BEFORE they become a catastrophe — or they are missing out on real chances for healthy growth … simply because they were blind to the data that would have shown them the way.

Too many restaurant owners are evaluating their success by “top line sales and what’s in the bank” instead of what is possible when you have a true expert in your corner.

real-time Bookkeeping you can rely upon

You need to have a system for categorizing, paying, and planning for expenses … not only so you can see what’s actually happening — but so you can make informed financial decisions based on real-time numbers using technology now available to restaurant owners (if only they knew about them).

ACCOUNTING: Handled without pain

Discover the peace of mind that is possible in knowing your accounting is handled for you and done RIGHT. Never worry about keeping up with vendors, sales tax, or payroll tax requirements again. 

The right advice, at the right time

It doesn’t help to have your accountant tell you that you are running in the red — after you’ve buried yourself in debt. Let us point you where you need to go and help you make the right decisions along the way.


You have the freedom to work on your restaurant while someone else handles your accounting. When you need to make financial decisions, our process ensures you have clarity to make informed choices at the right time.

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Client Testimonials

Gale Kreig, COO, BounceBack

Using Tim and his team at Financial Optics is more effective and provides a higher value than a full-time CFO. Especially for a small business like us.

Vincent Woska, President, Scantek

Tim Sernett has been our accountant since 1993 and has met and exceeded all of our needs during our relationship. Easy access and quick answers makes my job easier and allows me to stay focused on our core business.

Terry Buckler, President, Delta Systems

Tim has been a real asset to our company. If you are looking for an excellent accounting firm that is easy to work with and knows the industry, Tim and his staff are the right choice. I give them a AAA rating!

Peter Dunn, Sales Director, DHI Roofing

I have known and worked with Tim as my accountant personally and professionally for more than 10 years. His integrity and accounting insight and advice is beyond reproach. He has always been proactive and ahead of the game.

Professional Accounting Just For Restaurants

We believe that good accounting is built upon trust and professionalism. Our passion is helping independent restaurant businesses reach new heights in their financial growth. Integrity, confidentiality, and dedication to the clients we serve are at core of everything we do. We strive for excellence and efficiency, using over 30 years of expertise and the top cutting-edge technology to deliver you service unlike anyone else.

When you choose us as your financial partner, you get more than any accounting software could offer:


You’ll work with real humans who are as passionate about seeing your business grow as you are.


We’ll monitor your finances daily, so you’ll never get taken by surprise.


You’ll maintain full access to your reports and numbers so you can check in at any time.


We’ll take on important CFO duties at a fraction of the cost.


We’ll answer all your financial questions and guide you toward healthy, profitable growth.


We’ll evaluate your current business model and help identify red flags.


We’ll assist you in creating sustainable budgets and financial forecasts.


We’ll work with you to identify financial goals and create a clear plan of action.