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Why Entrepreneurial Accounting Literacy Matters


As the business owner, your level of accounting literacy may make the difference between survival and failure. We know that’s a strong statement to lead […]

What Can A Survivalist TV Show Teach Us About Running A Business?


A friend of ours, Magen Smith, CPA and fellow member of the Thriveal CPA Network, told us about a quote she heard while watching Ultimate Survival […]

Why Outsourced Accounting Is Best For Small Businesses and the Economy

outsourced accounting

It is not uncommon to see entrepreneurs struggling with spreadsheets, outstanding payments & invoicing issues, hiring and managing administrative staff and still spending lengths of […]

The #1 Thing You Should Do Today To Improve Cash Flow


When talking to entrepreneurs, the topic of cash flow management comes up frequently. Perhaps they have heard a radio spot commercial from a bank suggesting […]

How to Use Your Financial Statements to Run a Better Business

Virtual Bean Counters Cash Flow

Statement of Cash Flows The Statement of Cash Flows is an important part of analyzing any business, providing the reader with insights into the practicality […]

Three Ways to Deal With Slow-Pays


One of the side effects of the Great Recession that many small business owners didn’t foresee is that since 2008, people have simply taken longer […]

3 steps to serenity in tax season


March Madness may have ended but April Absurdity is just beginning.  It’s the time of year that many small business owners dread, but they don’t […]