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Four Time Management Recommendations That Save Your Business Money

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Once you make the commitment to start your own business, it’s typically an all or nothing endeavor. For most entrepreneurs, this means putting everything you [...]

The Low-Stress Way to Become Financially Literate

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Everyone has inherent talents. For some, it’s the gift of putting on an incredible event or creating a meal that won’t soon be forgotten. Others [...]

So You Have A Budget For 2015, But Do You Have A Cash Flow Plan?

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Having a budget for 2015 is fine, and if you already have one developed, great! The income statement operating budget is a great first step. [...]

The Consequences of Financial Illiteracy

Head in the sand - Virtual Bean Counters
In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we've devoted the month of April to talking about financial literacy. In the last post, we talked a bit [...]

How To Finance A Business Expansion

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When you first start a small business, all your concerns are about keeping your head above water. The day-to-day expenses and logistics of running a [...]

Business Planning for Next Year’s Success

  It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey, right?  This absolute truth in life applies to business planning as well, and it’s this philosophy [...]

Anatomy of a Cash Flow Statement

  In our last post, we talked about the basics of cash flow statements, what they are and what they can tell us. This time, [...]

4 things to consider BEFORE you extend credit to your customers

Earlier this month, we talked about extending credit to your customers.  We hinted that it was an all “pro” piece and that there would be [...]


Here at VBC, people are always asking us about cash flow.  This month, we thought we’d take a hard look at something that can really [...]

Why Entrepreneurial Accounting Literacy Matters

As the business owner, your level of accounting literacy may make the difference between survival and failure. We know that’s a strong statement to lead [...]