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Finding certainty in a chaotic business world- Part 1

money puzzle

Most, if not all business owners, are struggling for certainty right now in a business world filled with chaos. The certainty I’m talking about finding […]

10 Business Mistakes Owners Make That Cost Their Company Money

For small businesses, a money management mistake could mean the end of the company. You might be surprised to find out: managing money isn’t something [...]

How to NOT Hire the Wrong Vendor

Almost every small business uses outside vendors. It’s impossible for a company to grow without help from suppliers, contract workers, and/or outsourced products and services, [...]

The Cost of Having Untrained Employees

As a small business owner, it can take a lot of money, time and resources to properly train a new employee. This is especially true [...]

What does it cost to fire an employee? Is it costing you more to keep them?

Though the actual costs of firing employees are somewhat hidden, they definitely exist. Employee turnover is expensive and can set your company back a few [...]

Four Time Management Recommendations That Save Your Business Money

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Once you make the commitment to start your own business, it’s typically an all or nothing endeavor. For most entrepreneurs, this means putting everything you [...]

The Low-Stress Way to Become Financially Literate

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Everyone has inherent talents. For some, it’s the gift of putting on an incredible event or creating a meal that won’t soon be forgotten. Others [...]