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The Most Important Entrepreneurial Skill: Cash Flow Management

cash flow
  According to most statistics, at least half of all new businesses in the United States fail within the first five years. Why? It’s certainly not [...]

Is Your Business Accumulating Assets or Expenses?

business assets kansas city
  As owners, we make decisions on a daily basis about where to spend our cash, and we all know, there is no shortage of [...]

Company Savings: How to Build It and What To Do With It

company savings accounts
Unexpected things happen in the business world. Your technology needs updating, you misprint hundreds of business cards, the office carpeting needs to be replaced. All [...]

Four Time Management Recommendations That Save Your Business Money

time management virtual bean
Once you make the commitment to start your own business, it’s typically an all or nothing endeavor. For most entrepreneurs, this means putting everything you [...]

The Low-Stress Way to Become Financially Literate

financial literacy virtual bean counters
Everyone has inherent talents. For some, it’s the gift of putting on an incredible event or creating a meal that won’t soon be forgotten. Others [...]

Is Your Small Business Leveraging Technology To Help You Grow?

small business technology kansas city
Did you know there are small business technology solutions available for everything from inventory management, human resources, marketing and sales, and of course, for accounting [...]

Can Outsourcing Human Resources Save Your Business Money?

Outsourced HR Kansas City
It is expensive to hire a new employee. Not just in payroll and training time, but also in the cost of lost productivity and growth [...]

So You Have A Budget For 2015, But Do You Have A Cash Flow Plan?

business budget cash flow
Having a budget for 2015 is fine, and if you already have one developed, great! The income statement operating budget is a great first step. [...]

Are Your Prices Making you a “Break Even” Company?

pricing strategies kansas city
  We all want our businesses to turn a profit, right? Unfortunately, many companies never do more than barely "break even" and they may not [...]