Post written by Angie Geer, Bean Counter | Proud Mama | Doting Wife | Cooking Enthusiast | PTA Volunteer (Sucker)

How do you feel about your social self? Social media has multiple purposes for different people.

It’s a great way to advertise your small business, connect with friends and family you never get to see, and check out local events in your area.

But let’s face it…some people love to be voyeurs. And guess who else may like to be voyeurs? Your boss, your co-workers, and your potential employers.

Remember that your character is on display.

Facebook is meant to be fun. You can still have fun with it, but let’s keep it classy. Let’s not forget that what appears on your social media accounts is a reflection of your character.

It’s important to share your adventures and milestones with the world, but it’s also important to think before you share…and be careful about how much you share.

I know you may be thinking that you could care less what people think about you. Grandma may not care about that pic showing your accomplishment with the standing keg, but the principal at the elementary school you teach at may care and worry about the students’ parents seeing it.

Think before you complain about work on social.

As another example, I’ve seen people constantly complain about work. Do you want to come across as hating your job or having zero work ethic?

If that’s the way you appear on your social accounts, maybe your manager will perceive you that way too.

Or what if a potential employer decides to peek at your social media and sees all of the work-related negativity? Do you really think they want to bring that into their business?

We know how it can affect a personal image, but what about the image of a company? What if your clients saw their sales rep or account manager complaining about the business they’ve put their trust into? This will definitely tarnish the business image and your client may lose faith in the relationship.

Let’s use social media for the positive. Share your successes with each other in hopes of giving others a goal to work towards, or give a shout out to a favorite business to help spread the good word.

You can still enjoy social media, but proceed with caution for the sake of your livelihood. You still have a household to maintain and a family to support. Just be wise with your social self!