Technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Moving from a time where all financial tasks were done by hand, to software-based accounting, this was a significant step forward.

And technology is marching on as there is a new revolution at hand—mobile. It’s hard to imagine, but tasks that used to require a full suite of software can now be completed on a smartphone, tablet or netbook computer if you have the right app.

We’ve put together a list of a few apps that can make your small business accounting and financial matters easier (and more mobile) than you ever imagined they could be.

  • QuickBooks Mobile – QuickBooks has long been one of the heavy hitters in the world of accounting, now the mobile app makes the process even easier. The app works with a standard subscription to QuickBooks Online and allows for easy access to many of the features that are most commonly used and needed. One benefit to this app is that it not only allows for accounting, but it also offers a full range of analytic tools too.


  • now named – This is another “full” software suite that offers an excellent mobile app too. ZenPayroll handles every aspect of the payroll cycle including new hire on-boarding, tax calculation and email pay stubs. Many of the most important features can be utilized from mobile, making for a simple and portable solution.


  • – Simplify your accounts payable and accounts receivable. Either scan your bills or have your vendors email bills directly to them. You’ll be able to approve and pay bills from anywhere. Best of all when a vendor calls about a missing payment, simply pull up an image of the cleared check immediately. Pricing is reasonable at 65 cents per day.
  • – this is expense reporting software meant to replace your cumbersome spreadsheet expense reports. Receipts can be emailed in or captured via a photo on your smart phone. Credit cards can be imported and this app tracks mileage. If that wasn’t enough, it is on the lookout for duplicates and can be set to adhere to your company’s expense policy. Status updates on employee expense reporting will please your finance team.


Did we miss any? What are your best finance apps for small business? Tweet to me @thevirtualcfos and let me know.

Many growing small businesses find that they hit a point that keeping up with the accounting in-house simply becomes a bigger job than ever anticipated. While an app or even a full-fledged software suite can accomplish a lot, nothing compares to knowledge and expertise found from an accountant that understands the details of small business finance. While not every company can afford to hire a full-time small business accountant to run the books, a virtual bookkeeper could be the affordable solution for your business’ accounting woes. If you would like to learn more about what a virtual bookkeeper can do for you, contact Financial Optics today for more information.