We are Financial Optics.  Our new brand, new name, and how we got there.

Introducing our new name and rebrand – Financial Optics.

Why the name change?

Our approach and focus has evolved from when Financial Optics was founded over 11 years ago. While we will always be focused on serving small business owners, the old name no longer serves us with the message to our customers.

11 years ago, the term “virtual” was meaningful to describe relatively new remote bookkeeping services. Today, the term virtual is more closely related to virtual reality, not remote web-based services. Back then, being identified as bean counters was OK as we were mainly focused on providing bookkeeping and accounting services that produced accurate and timely financial reporting for small businesses, their customers and their vendors. Our focus now is on much more than just outsourced bookkeeping to keep your accounting accurate and timely. We have simply outgrown the old name, and it was holding our messaging back in the marketplace.

Who we are today

Today, Financial Optics is focused on serving our clients with financial clarity, insight and foresight. Hence the Optics part of the new brand. We continue to provide timely and accurate accounting services for B2B focused entrepreneurs. But, we have evolved into becoming a trusted advisor for our clients, helping them gain vision and financial clarity as they grow and drive their companies forward. A financial vision that is required to build a healthier business, with sustainable profitability and positive cash flow as it grows.

Our Process

1. The process still starts with focused bookkeeping, so you’ll have the clarity of always understanding your current profitability and cash position, with a weekly focus on short term cash flow.

2. We then step up to controllership, helping you gain insight into what the current numbers mean for your business. Supporting you with insights to interpret the financial data so you can make better decisions as you drive your business forward.

3. At the highest level of our service, we help our business owners gain foresight to see where their business is headed financially and how to impact the future of their profitability and cash flow.

New name, same ole dedication

We continue to serve entrepreneurs who share our values. I (Tim) was raised by a business owner and have spent my entire life serving the entrepreneurial community that I hold in such high regard.  I understand how hard you work. I understand the sacrifice, risk, and commitment it takes to grow a successful, healthy business. I’m working hard every day to do the same thing for Financial Optics. It’s our business to support your business with the financial clarity, insight and foresight you need to hit your targets.

What do you think of our new brand?  Comment on our Facebook and let us know!  We’d love to hear from you.