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Café Provence is a quaint (and delicious might I add) French restaurant located in Prairie Village, KS. The restaurant is family owned and operated by the Quillec family.

They’ve received numerous accolades from national and local entities, including Zagat, Opentable, USA Today, The Pitch, and 435 Magazine, just to name a few. My mouth waters every week when I receive their weekly newsletter promoting their Tuesday Prix-Fixe menu. Yum!

When we first started working with them in 2010, Café Provence was a healthy and profitable business.

And, thankfully, through the power of a strong relationship built over the last several years, we’ve been able to work together to give them more time to focus on growing their existing business and expand into other areas of the market.


When Café Provence first came to us, there were many hands pitching in to take care of different aspects of their bookkeeping. Owners, head server, head chef…you name it.

They have an exquisite menu, which means fresh food and several daily deliveries. Unfortunately, when those deliveries arrived, someone had to stop what they were doing and write a check for the delivery driver.

As you can imagine, this inefficient process routinely pulled someone away from a crucial position with the daily operations. In addition, prevented them from having adequate time to carefully review the orders to ensure their accuracy.


We helped them encourage their vendors to put them on terms, which allowed them to review their bills on their own time and then submit them to us to handle payment.

Outsourcing their bookkeeping opened up crucial time for them to spend on their business and other areas of expertise.

The owners also found more time and freedom to carefully review the monthly financials we provided.

With those financials at their fingertips, they had the confidence to know they could pursue other dreams they had for their business.

They now have a retail shop called French Market where you can buy lovely French items for your home, as well as some packaged food items from Café Provence. Oh, and let’s not forget about French Market’s made-to-order crepe station!

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a successful business or struggling to make ends meet, you will find much-needed relief by outsourcing your bookkeeping to professionals. We have several tools to increase efficiency and productivity so that we can quickly get you the crucial information you need…when you need it.

And the next time you make a reservation at Café Provence, tell them their friends at Financial Optics sent you!