virtual accountant prepares financial documents

Are you thinking about using a virtual accountant?  If you are, what are the reasons that are foremost in your mind for adding this assistance, and what are you worried about?  If you’re a small business and you’re not thinking about using a virtual accountant, why not?

With an investment in a virtual accountant, you are investing in your time.  When you have a small company and you or a team member are spending time working on the bookkeeping, then that is time you are not spending growing your business. The accounting can be difficult to manage, and that time can be more effectively spent improving your customer’s experience or adding to your customer base.

Saving Money with a Virtual Accountant

Bookkeeping mistakes can cost your business both money and time. Not everyone is skilled at managing money and knowledgeable enough to keep up with constant changes in financial needs.  Why not delegate those responsibilities to someone who is a trained accountant, someone who can keep your books up to date and in compliance with laws and regulations. Virtual accountants like us can also notice trends, help you manage cash flow and give business advice to help your company grow profitably.

The #1 benefit of having an expert in your corner, however, is foresight. Your personal, virtual accountant will be able to analyze your business and spending habits and help you plan for the future. Too many business owners these days spend most of their time actually running their business (as they should) and don’t give their financial planning enough thought and time. The most successful businesses have long-term plans in place. They know where they are going financially in the upcoming years, and have a plan to achieve it. Only an expert in accounting can give you the advice to help put a sound financial plan in place.

Paying your Bills and Balancing your Books

We pay your bills and balance your books each week or month.  It is easy to picture an overworked person with a desk covered with paper.  Invoices, purchase orders, bank statements, bills—both incoming and outgoing.  Everyone plans on keeping up with this paperwork, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  You say you will complete the paperwork every day.  Then one day you finish restocking shelves and you’re tired, so you decide that tomorrow you will do two days of paperwork at once.  The next day one of the employees has the flu, so all you accomplish is his or her job.  On day three, you look at the mess and put it off because it is just so overwhelming.  Then the 29th of the month rolls around and there is no more procrastination allowed.

Let a virtual accountant tell you how to keep the paperwork organized, then send it to them to complete the bookkeeping.  Not only will the work be done, but it will be done correctly, and with an eye toward trends to keep you informed about.

There are many reasons that virtual accountants can reduce stress for you.  We can also provide you with quality forecasts and advice so you will know where your business is moving and what you can do to build a financially healthy profitable business. If your business can benefit from the increased productivity and flexibility that a virtual accountant can provide, contact the experts at Financial Optics, Inc. today!