Post written by Carie Randle, Accounting Manager

After working remotely for more than a year, our team continues to do all we can to stay in touch and keep our sense of team and company culture in place.

To that end, we have a virtual team meeting every week to discuss progress on projects, ask questions, and collaborate.

This time is also used to update each other on any variations in our availability over the coming week.

And, because we all love sports, it’s not uncommon for us to share our thoughts on the latest win (or loss) of one our Kansas City teams.

Even more important, we also use this time to share the latest and greatest happenings in our personal lives. This helps us stay connected on a human level.

Beyond our virtual communication, we get together once a month for lunch. To keep it fun and light, we take turns picking a nice restaurant close to where we live (which are in completely different parts of the greater Kansas City area!).

I very much enjoy doing this because I love venturing out and trying new places. I equally enjoy bringing the team to my neck of the woods and introducing them to some of my favorite spots.

We’ve all come to truly value our monthly lunches because, even though we might have the same type of discussions during our weekly team meeting, the in-person communication is much more casual and relaxed.

We tend to be more elaborative and bring subjects to the table that we might not take the time to discuss during our virtual meetings.

While we normally stick to discussing day-to-day client work when we meet virtually, our lunch conversations often steer toward ideas that could help us be more efficient, whether it’s with an internal process or how we can utilize the latest update with tools that we use, software or a website.

Our monthly lunch ritual says so much about us as a team. We truly care about one and other and our commitment to communicating beyond the hustle and bustle of bean counting is a priceless asset to being a part of the FO team.

We’re our own little family and I cherish how close we are…beyond the books.

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