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Invoices, expense reports, monthly bills, payroll… all these financial necessities for your business are costing you time, money and resources. Instead of delegating an employee to spending hours a week (or days!) on these tasks, why not use technology to your advantage and make an app do most of the work for you? Of course, we always recommend outsourcing your accounting to save the most time and money (which would include this piece), but if you are a die hard numbers person who likes to keep your eye on the books, these apps should make your life a little easier.

1. Tallie – $50 per month + $9 per user

Few people enjoy filling out expense reports, and even fewer people find them legible. This app helps to make a normally mind-numbing and generally illegible procedure less daunting and horrifying. Simply install the app on your phone (iPhone and Android friendly) and take pictures of company receipts ––then Tallie will convert them all into a neatly, legible document. No manual data entry required. This app can log mileage, import credit card purchase history and features a one-click expense report tool. No more filing endless company receipts, as it’s all backed up on your company’s virtual cloud. You can import your expense report to your company database or email it right from your iPad.

2. Invoice2go – Free

Creating and sending invoices is almost as thrilling as writing expense reports. Instead of going through all that organizational hassle yourself, this app (available for iPhone and Android) does it for you. With Invoice2go, you can send invoices from your phone, tablet or computer.

Every invoice you draft and send is backed up to the cloud and whatever device you used the app on (ie: your cell phone, tablet, etc.). Most importantly, this app will show you who has paid their invoice…and who still owes you money. You can also send automated emails to parties who have not paid.

3. Harvest – $49 per month (up to 9 users) 

This time-tracking app is ideal for small businesses with employees both on salary and on a contract basis. This simple tool tracks not only when employees are on the clock, but where your employees are spending their time on various work projects. Harvest allows you to track time on your phone, tablet or computer –ideal for on-the-go employees. You can also set time limits on certain projects or assignments, ensuring that your employees are prioritizing their time in the office.

You can export your timesheets to CSV, Excel, Google Drive and more. These timesheets reports can also be sent out to your staff so they know exactly what they are getting paid for, how much they are getting paid and when they are getting paid. Harvest does all the payroll work for you.

4. BillTracker – $1.99

Monthly bills can stack up fast. They can also easily get forgotten as, let’s face it, no one likes paying them –no matter how good the service. From the phone bill to the water bill, this apps cover it all. BillTracker alerts you when upcoming bills are due, lets you know what bills you paid on time and flags you when your bills are past due. This app also keeps a record of how much you paid and when you paid –ensuring that you never overpay or submit a payment late. You can also set up email reminders and pay bills directly from your iPhone, iPad or Tablet. All billing info is stored in the cloud and you can export to CVS for Numbers or Excel.


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