Post written by Carie Randle, Accounting Manager

In case you haven’t heard, Financial Optics transitioned to working virtually in September 2015. We adopted R.O.W.E (Results Only Work Environment), which provides us with flexibility by allowing us to work where we want and whenever we want…as long as we get our work done of course. 🙂

One of the biggest advantages of working virtually is not having to commute to-and-from the office, which could take each of us up to 1.5 hours each day. That’s nearly 8 hours a week that can now be spent on more important things!

Even though we lost the commute, we definitely didn’t lose touch as a team. We have a weekly virtual team meeting that allows us to keep one another in the loop of our workload, reassign projects if necessary, provide updates on work progress, ask each other questions or for help, bounce ideas off each other, and let the team know of any upcoming projects.

In addition to our weekly virtual meetings, we also get together for lunch each month. We discuss work topics during this time like we do during our weekly meetings, but we mostly take advantage of this time to catch up with each other personally and rekindle our close team bond.

We usually work from home, but really we can work from anywhere. I keep saying that one day I’ll work from a beach…just so I can say that I did! Working remotely allows us to keep a strong commitment to our clients. All we need is our laptop and a secure internet connection and we’re set…no matter where we are…no matter what time it is.

One challenge we still face that keeps us from being able to exclusively perform our duties from anywhere is that some of our clients still require the use of physical checks for bill payments and/or payroll. Unfortunately, this ties us to where the checks are located.

The majority of our clients use, a third-party online bill payment system that allows us to issue bill payments on our client’s behalf.

The clients who don’t use really don’t have enough activity to justify the cost of it, and/or have special circumstances that keep us from being able to utilize it.

We’ve transitioned almost all of our clients to direct deposit for payroll, but those who continue to pay employees with physical checks have circumstances that hinder them from switching (such as employees who don’t have a bank account).

We continue to research possible resolutions and suggest options for the small percentage of clients with circumstances that keep them from transitioning to virtual options, such as their bank’s online bill payment portal for paying bills, and loadable pre-paid cards for employees who haven’t yet established a bank account in order to have their paycheck direct deposited, etc.

Our goal at Financial Optics is to be 100% virtual. We’re close, and with today’s ever evolving technology, we’ll get there soon!

If you have any questions about this post or any other questions, give us a call at 913.649.1040.