Post written by Angie Geer, Bean Counter | Proud Mama | Doting Wife | Cooking Enthusiast | PTA Volunteer (Sucker)

We all have friends or family members who moan and groan about their jobs. They love what they do but fall into a mundane routine and turn into robots.

This can certainly affect their productivity at work, as well as their general well-being at home.

The individual’s hands may be tied in this regard, but what about the employer? What can you do to keep your employee morale high?

Sure…there are some basic implementations like remembering birthdays, being sure you compliment them on their hard work, and casual Fridays, but let’s think outside the box!

Here are 8 fun ideas I found:

1. Start an internal company newsletter – Keep it light-hearted. Let employees run this project and take turns sharing stories, recipes, drawings, jokes, etc.

2. Give silly awards – I know this is cheesy, but be creative…they’ll get a kick out of it.

3. Game Day – This could be a quarterly or annual event. Set up several activities they are interested in and give away prizes.

4. Community Service/Charitable – Give employees paid time off each month or quarter to participate in their favorite charity…or plan one as a group.

5. After-hours snacks and drinks – Some employees just want to get home after a stressful day, but some may enjoy socializing with coworkers outside the cubicle walls.

6. Company massage – Bring in a massage therapist once a month or quarter to give the gang a 10-15 tension reliever on your dime.

7. Hire an ice cream or shaved ice truck for the lunch hour – Nothing better than a cool treat after lunch on a Friday afternoon!

8. Allow flexibility – Offer flextime. It’s difficult to get personal matters taken care of when you work full time. People get stressed out when they have to use up their PTO and don’t have any left for vacation. Did they have to come in late because of a dentist appointment? Let them stay late to make up for it, or let them make up the hours by working remotely from home. I know not every business is structured to allow for this, but it’s worth exploring.

Your business will stay healthy if your employees are happy. What other ideas to you have to help boost morale? We’d love to hear from you!