Running your restaurant is an incredibly time-consuming task. Very few owners and managers have the capacity to manage a busy restaurant and keep up with the books. Or there are likely errors if they attempt to do their accounting on their own or delegate it to under qualified staff. Here is how outsourced accounting services can help.

How can an outsourced accountant help your business? Contact Financial Optics to discover what our accountant team can do for you!

Restaurant Accounting Services at Financial Optics

At Financial Optics, our primary goal is to serve restaurants with a range of exceptional back-office accounting services. Restaurant owners often see bookkeeping, accounting, controllership and financial advising as one service, and indeed, they can be. However, in another sense, these three services actually serve three different functions that work together to create a true picture of your restaurant business’s financial well-being.


Trying to manage your restaurant’s bookkeeping can take precious time from your business’s key selling and growth proposition. Trying to work with financial data without training or education in that can sidetrack you and shift your focus from serving your customers at the highest level.

In other words, your customers come to you for food, drinks, fun, comfort, social interaction, and more. You provide them with your unique mix of menu items, ambiance, and level of formality. Ideally, they go away happy, and you build your business profits.

Our bookkeeping team works to gather and record all the data from your business transactions. Keeping that information up-to-date and accurate is foundational for the main tasks of accounting. Without the details, you cannot grasp every aspect of your financial picture.

Financial Optics focuses on bookkeeping for restaurants like yours. Our outsourced bookkeepers keep tabs on all your numbers and record them using leading restaurant bookkeeping technology.


Go to the next level after bookkeeping, and you will find controllership. To get the best results, this part of the financial task requires extensive training and experience. Our Financial Optics accounting team has the expertise to create, update, and present the financial reports you need to understand your profitability, expense management, cash flow, and other factors that contribute to your business’s success. Controllership gives you a more in-depth and analytical look at your company’s financial position than the raw data gathered in bookkeeping.

Financial Advising

The aim of financial advising is to guide you in making decisions about your business. In your restaurant, every change you make has the potential to have a profound impact on your bottom line. That is why it is so important to consider each move you make as you work to build your business.

Our restaurant accounting services with financial advice for restaurants include assisting you with expert advice on financial decision-making and tax considerations. We help you forecast where you can be in the future and what you need to do to get there. You can even work consistently with a Financial Optics virtual CFO to develop long-term plans for your restaurant.

Benefits of Outsourced Restaurant Accounting Services

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services for Restaurants Infographic

When you choose Financial Optics for your restaurant accounting services, you get the benefit of working with experts in accounting who have the experience needed to help your restaurant flourish. Your restaurant business can grow, innovate, and reach the success you may never have imagined. We want you to feel like the financial expert of your business, with critical financial clarity, insight, and foresight. You’ll have the financial optics you need to steer your business where you want it.

The benefits of our outsourced accounting include the following.

  • Cost savings
  • Greater accuracy
  • Advanced business analysis
  • Transparent and affordable pricing
  • Fixed, budget-friendly fees
  • Analysis to make informed decisions
  • On-demand virtual CFO
  • Help with financial planning
  • And more

Our company’s founder, CPA Tim Sernett, leads our team of professional accountants and bookkeepers. With his 30 years of experience, Tim has the expertise to help you build the restaurant success you started your business to achieve and beyond.

The optimal outcomes for your restaurant depend on excellent bookkeeping, meticulous accounting, and insightful financial advice. With Financial Optics, you choose the precise blend of restaurant accounting services that help you create that dream dining experience and personal financial freedom. Our reliable and knowledgeable accounting team will help you achieve it!

Need restaurant accounting services for building a more successful restaurant business? Connect with Financial Optics to take advantage of our many financial services.